For customers - Schedule your Snips

For hair stylists - Manage your Snips

Remember having to use the phone to book a taxi or order a takeaway?

Yeah, we know, ancient history.
Snips made simple


SNIPPR is the future of hair care for all.

Book convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective cuts - super fast.

Flexible & convenient

Book an appointment at a time and place that suits YOU – whether that’s because of work, childcare, health issues, or simply your preference.

Book with confidence

Choose from a range of Snippers rated by real local customers, plus see their bio, specialisms, and past work.

Fairer pricing for all

Prices are based on complexity and time – NOT gender or race! Plus many mobile Snippers charge less than salons because they don’t have overheads like rent and bills.

Inclusive & welcoming

Neurodivergent & disability friendly appointment options available.

Your Snip, your way

You can wear comfortable clothes, set lower lighting, play music or keep it quiet – it’s up to you.

Securely pay online

Easily pay via Stripe – a secure payment processing platform trusted by millions.

Snipping made simple


From the salon chair to the driving seat – here’s why hairstylists are upgrading to Snippers

Whether you're already a mobile hairstylist or you want to become your own boss, SNIPPR BIZ is for you. Yes, YOU.

No more limited earnings, shifts, and clientele. We want to help you work where you want, when you want, and on what you want.

No subscriptions

If you don’t work, you don’t pay - so it benefits us to help you be busy & successful!

Designed for hairstylists

Every feature is built to banish stress & make admin a thing of the past.

Be your own boss

Select Snips you want to offer, in the locations you’re happy to service.

Increase earning potential

Set your own prices and get the lion’s share of profits – you only pay (a tiny service fee) as you earn.

Better work/life balance

Your working days, hours, and holidays are yours to decide – no approvals necessary.

Reach a wider audience

Every download in your service area is a potential new client.