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Remember having to use the phone to book a taxi or order a takeaway? Yeah, we know, ancient history! Forget long waits, inconvenient appointment times, petrol and parking problems.

SNIPPR is the future of hair care for all. Book convenient, comfortable, and cost-effective cuts – super fast.

Check our FAQs for how you can prepare for your appointment.

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Growing directory of rated Snippers
Fast & Secure payments via Stripe
Get a Snip any time, anywhere
Carefully curated & inclusive universal services
Fast, simple, and personal hair care for all
Upcoming Snip reminders & notifications
Growing directory of rated Snippers
Fast & Secure payments via Stripe
Get a Snip any time, anywhere
Carefully curated & inclusive universal services
Fast, simple, and personal hair care for all
Upcoming Snip reminders & notifications

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to all our most frequently asked questions about the SNIPPR app for customers.

How do I create an account and book an appointment on the app?

The first step is to get set up on SNIPPR. Download the SNIPPR app and tap 'Create Account'. Complete the registration and verification processes. Once you've verified your email address, you will be able to sign in and explore SNIPPR.

From the home screen of SNIPPR, tap 'Book a new Snip' (or tap the scissors icon in the toolbar). If you're new to the app, you may be prompted to add a location, this is required for SNIPPR to know which Snippers are available in your area.

Once you have a location set, from the 'Book a new Snip' screen, you can either choose to book 'By Snip' or 'By Snipper'.

When booking by Snip, you'll start by telling SNIPPR what you want, then once you proceed you'll be given a list of local Snippers to choose from, so long as there are Snippers in your area who offer the services you have added.

If you choose to book 'By Snipper' on the other hand, you'll get to choose your Snipper first, then build your Snip using their personalised Storefront.

Once you have your Snip assembled and have chosen your Snipper, tap on the basket icon in the toolbar, confirm your Snip and Snipper details are correct, then tap 'Checkout'.

Now it's time to schedule your Snip. Follow the on-screen prompts to select a convenient date and time for your Snip (and Pre-Snip, if your Snip includes one).

The final step is the checkout, just give your Snip a final check to make sure everything is correct and then tap 'Checkout' to pay and confirm your Snip.

Happy Snipping!

Can I browse different stylists in my area?

You sure can! Just head to the Snip booking screen (by tapping either 'Book a new Snip' on the home screen or the scissors icon in the toolbar).

Now just set your location using the field at the top of the screen and select the 'By Snipper' view to see a list of Snippers servicing your area.

Simple as that!

How far in advance can I book appointments?

Generally SNIPPR will allow you to book a Snip up to 30 days in advance, however this may vary depending on a number of factors such as demand, Snipper preferences, and more.

What do I need to provide for the appointment?

This may change depending on the type of Snip you've arranged and the Snipper with whom you have booked it. Generally we recommend that customers have at least a chair (ideally with a low back) ready for their Snip, as well as the following depending on their type of Snip:

  • A towel

  • A mirror (optional)

  • A shower head

Where in my house should I have my Snip?

We find a lot of people prefer to have their Snip in their kitchen where there is usually good lighting, power sockets, surfaces for the Snipper's equipment, and a floor that is easy to sweep.

Can I cancel Snips through the app?

Yes, you can cancel your Snips at any point up until they have begun, however please be aware that all purchases are subject to our cancellation policy which may be found in the app, both at Checkout and in the 'Account & Support' section.

To cancel a Snip, just tap on it, scroll to the bottom of the Snip details, and tap 'Cancel Snip'. Your expected refund amount and terms of cancellation will be displayed prior to cancellation.

Can I pay for my appointments through the app?

Yes, you pay in full for your appointments though the app via Stripe when you schedule your Snip. You can also tip your Snipper after your Snip, if you feel they deserve something extra.

Stripe is a secure payment platform trusted by millions and used by some of the biggest companies such as Google and Deliveroo.

Find out more about Stripe

Do I need to wash my hair before an appointment or will my Snipper wash it for me?

Ideally for an at-home Snip, hair will be clean and dry, however there are exceptions. Here are some examples to help you decide how to prepare your hair for your appointment, unless otherwise instructed through the app:

  • Dry or wet cuts - Preferably you'll have dry hair that has been washed within the last 12 hours.

  • Cut and blow dry - Preferably you'll have washed (shampoo & condition) your hair as close as possible to the time of your appointment and leave hair wet or towel dry.

  • Colouring - Preferably you'll have dry, unwashed hair.