How does the appointment booking process work?

Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to manage your schedule, clients and pay. We want to take care of as much of the admin as we can, so you can focus on providing fantastic Snips and customer service.

Here’s how it works:

  1. The client books an appointment and it is added to your upcoming Snips. You can cancel upcoming Snips but this may reflect badly in your ratings, and you may be charged.

  2. We’ll notify you before every Snip reminding you of the details.

  3. We work out travel time for you and we won’t book an appointment if we know you won’t be able to get there in time from your previous appointment or if it will run into your break or after your working hours finish. (This is why it’s important to add the right time estimates to your services – or over-estimate if you're not sure – as a late appointment might impact other appointments or your rating.)

  4. An hour before your first appointment and 10 minutes before the end of your current appointment, we’ll send you a notification about when and where your next appointment is.

  5. Once you're done with your appointment, your payment is released to your Stripe account. The client is prompted to rate your service and we’ll ask if they want to send you a tip. You'll be asked to rate your experience of working with your client.

How do I customise my profile on the app?

Log in to SNIPPR BIZ, then tap on the menu button (far right of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen), tap 'Your Profile' in the menu.

You can change your Display name, Tagline, or Bio by tapping on 'Edit Profile Info'. Tap on your Avatar or Cover photo to change them.

You can upload new items to your gallery by tapping on the tile with the upload icon. You may delete existing items by tapping and holding on any photo, tapping to select the items you wish to delete, and then tapping 'Save Changes'.

Is it possible to block off certain times or days on my schedule?

Yes, simply log in to SNIPPR BIZ, then tap on the menu button (far right of the toolbar at the bottom of the screen), tap 'Manage Availability' in the menu.

To add specific dates/times which you would like off, just tap on 'Holidays & Leave'. From here, you can manage existing leave you have already booked, or add new leave by tapping 'Add Leave' and filling out the form.

How do I receive notifications for new appointments or changes to existing ones?

We'll send you a notification whenever a client books or cancels a Snip. Your home screen shows the details of all of your upcoming Snips.

How do I get paid?

Make sure you've logged in or signed up to Stripe via the 'Edit Payment Details' screen in the app. Any money you've earned, including any tips, will be added to your Stripe account after Snips.

Once you're up and running, earnings will be sent from Stripe to your bank account on a daily basis.

Can customers leave reviews or ratings of my services on the app?

Yes, after an appointment your client will be prompted to rate your service. You will also be prompted to rate your experience of working with the client. Ratings are simple star-based scores. To keep our app a safe and welcoming environment, we don't currently accept written reviews.

Is it possible to send reminders to customers about upcoming appointments?

Don't worry - we'll automatically send your clients reminder notifications 24 hours and then 1 hour before their Snips.

Can I manage multiple locations or stylists on the app?

Not currently but we're working on it!